Having it all

Including a financial plan

Congratulations! Your career has taken off. Or your business is thriving. You’re making money you can actually spend without guilt! And you’re savouring every precious moment.

Because moments are not what you have a lot of. The reality is that the cost of having it all means juggling a family, a career, and a busy social life. It just doesn’t leave you a lot of time for the extra demands and challenges of financial planning and investment management. We understand. Your money matters – and at Castlemark Wealth Management for Her, we can help you with that one often-overlooked but vitally important, aspect of your personal success. In fact, we’re experts at it.


You can’t go out and buy “fitness” in a cute little pink box. It’s a process, often with a team of skilled fitness experts. So is financial planning. Too often, though, busy women are led to believe they can buy wealth management in a box – just pay the fee, put your money in, and hope for the best. Plenty of planners, advisors, and managers offer that kind of “service.” But we think that’s just plain wrong. And so we developed the Castlemark Wealthy Woman Financial Growth Program.

Our aim is to create a wealth management plan that fits your life. You fill us in on your wants, needs, and resources. We’ll do the rest. And we’ll manage all of your financial affairs pro-actively. That means if we see a freight train coming, we won’t wait to get you out of the way. Your family, your financial future, are far too important to leave that to whatever is in a cute little pink box.


Financial Planning – all about trust. First, we want to get to know you – your life goals, values, investment goals, and financial objectives. Likewise, you want to get to know us – who we are, how we work, our goals and aspirations. It’s all about trust. Only then will we provide you with an action plan with specific recommendations.

Investment Services – active guidance. We’ll review your portfolio in light of your financial plan. And we’ll create a detailed statement of investment objectives, defining the optimal allocation of your investment assets. And we’ll provide a detailed strategy for the investment management team.

Risk Management – protecting what’s important. We understand – no one likes to talk insurance. But the fact is insurance is a critical part of your overall financial plan. And all too often, we have too much in some areas, too little in others, and we’re typically paying too much. We’ll analyze your current protection, including all employment coverage and benefits, assess your true needs, and create a cost-effective plan that truly protects your family, your home, and your health in the most cost-effective way possible.

Tax Planning – keeping what’s yours. You are legally entitled to arrange your affairs to pay the least
amount of tax. In fact, you’d be foolish to do otherwise. Our experts will analyze your current family tax situation and recommend any major tax-planning opportunities you might have missed. This includes specialized tax-minimization planning for those who are business owner/managers, professionals, senior executives, and self-employed. Our experts will take care of all the details, and even file your return. Or we’ll coordinate with your accountant. Either way, our aim is to cut your tax bill to the bone.

Higher Education – giving your kids a head start in life. The facts are frightening. A four-year university education can cost $64,000 at a minimum by the time you factor in all the costs of tuition and books, residence, travel, and living expenses. And that’s using current costs. In 10 years, it’ll be more. Do you really want to saddle your kids with a $64,000 debt on graduation? Of course not! You want to give them a head start in life. We’ll show you how to start saving for your kids’ post-secondary education with tax-efficient plans like RESPs and TFSAs. And best of all, we’ll work it into your overall financial plan, using the most cost-effective strategies to meet your needs.

Estate Planning – where there’s a will, there’s a way. In fact, wills are only one part of an estate plan. Other key items could include trusts, registered accounts, and insurance policies. All of these elements, and more, go into creating an estate plan that provides for your family and determines how your assets are transferred to the next generation. We’ll help you create an estate plan if you don’t have one. Or we’d be happy to review what you already have.