Finding the right investment advisor

Do you have too many “cooks in the kitchen”?

When most new clients come to see me, they may already have several “advisors” but no clear understanding of what they are actually getting advice on. They might have a financial planner from their bank, and perhaps an insurance agent who also happens to sell mutual funds but doesn’t do financial planning. There might be a bookkeeper who dabbles in investments “on the side.” Perhaps a lawyer. This is a fairly common planning mistake. I call it “Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen.” In order to be effective at organizing your financial life, saving, and investing to meet your goals, you need to have one primary investment advisor who can look at the big picture objectively and head off the “conflicting advice syndrome.” READ MORE

Year-end tax and investment planning tips

They could save you a bundle

Even though most of us are preoccupied with other things at this time of year, there is a handful of year-end investment and tax tips that make a lot of sense to look at now. That’s because they could save you money now and next April, when it’s time to pay your taxes.


Money Makeover: Should she rely on rental income in retirement?


Robyn Thompson is regularly featured in The Toronto Star’s “Money Makeover” series by Deanne Gage. Money Makeover takes a look at Gina, 63, has recently purchased a preconstruction investment property to help fund her retirement in 2 years time.

Gina says she is uncomfortable with owning a rental property. There are better retirement income choices for a risk-averse investor.

A smart idea to wrap things up early?

Robyn Thompson is regularly featured in The Toronto Star’s “Money Makeover” series by Deanne Gage. Money Makeover takes a look at Christopher, 62, and Charles, 59, are newly retired snowbirds living in Mexico during the winter months. They have enough money to live a frugal retirement lifestyle, but they’ll need to adjust their expenses and expectations to go the distance.

Maximize government pension benefits

Robyn Thompson is regularly featured in The Toronto Star’sMoney Makeover” series by Deanne Gage. In this recent post, Robyn helps a cash-strapped couple maximize government benefits they’ve forgotten about.

When to turn on your retirement income stream

There’s more to it than just dipping into your savings accounts

Q – My husband and I are both 45 and set to retire in 15 years. We have the majority of our money invested in mutual funds divided between RRSPs and cash accounts. We are looking to do some planning and wonder where we should be withdrawing money from first in retirement?  –  Asked by T.S. READ MORE