Robyn Thompson is an accomplished financial journalist and communicator, with an ability to cut through financial jargon and simplify difficult concepts for laypeople. With a high comfort level on stage, at the dais, or in front of the camera, Robyn will bring dynamic, compelling style to your professional function, event, or broadcast.

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How not to obsess about the markets and other principles of worry-free investing

 Whether markets are on a roll or on a dive, clients come calling. Is now the time to invest? Should I sell everything? What’s safe? What should I do? What are you doing for me? In this presentation, Robyn speaks to the most common investor obsessions and anxieties when it comes to “the market.”

Seven Financial Mistakes Most Women Make… and How to Avoid them

Most of us make financial mistakes. Oddly, though, there is a difference in the kind of errors that women and men are apt to make. Robyn narrows the list down to the seven most common financial errors women make and suggests some solutions for each one.

The Six Secrets of Financial Success That Every Woman Must Know

Most women have at least some idea of the life they want to lead: Good health, a beautiful home, a loving family, and a financially secure retirement that lets you will never outlive your savings. In this presentation, Robyn outlines the six secrets to financial success that every woman must know…and every woman can master.

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