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The lure of ‘haven’ assets

The danger of investing by headline We’re once again seeing the geopolitical situation heating up – North Korea, U.K. elections, French elections, Trump’s trade threats, and so on. Is it time to sell stocks and switch to gold and bonds? How did that strategy work...


When does portfolio rebalancing make sense?

Skewed asset allocation can change your risk profile Q – I believe that my investment portfolio is fairly well balanced, with about 60% in equities and 40% in fixed income assets. I do trade from time to time, but generally I stick to a buy-and-hold strategy. But...


Is it time to sell stocks in the wake of Brexit?

Acting on the media frenzy is a big mistake Should I sell my stocks and ETFs now? Is a major financial crash (like 2008) in the works? Not necessarily. First of all, don’t panic! Remember that markets are creatures of herd mentality, and are driven largely by...


How a savings account eats up your money

Low, low rates mean you automatically lose Are you sitting on a large chunk of cash in a high-interest bank account? Maybe you thought it would be “safe” because you’re nervous about stocks and bonds. Plus, there’s deposit insurance, and it’s liquid. Well, you’re...


Is your portfolio a risk trap?

How to get a fix on portfolio holdings before it’s too late! Do-it-yourself investors who have a number of different investment accounts could be courting financial trouble. Unless you have a complete picture of how all your assets are allocated, your investment...


Financial lessons from the Material Girl

3 key principles of Madonna’s pop star staying power Long-time pop queen Madonna really hit the big time with the debut of her second album “Like a Virgin.” That was 30 years ago, and she’s been a pop celebrity ever since. Success like that is tough to replicate....

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