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The psychology of money

Robyn recently appeared on CTV Your Morning, with some tips for relieving the stress, worry, and anxiety of managing your money in a time of inflation, rising rates, and falling markets. Watch the video on CTV...


Real-world financial advice for grads

Practical strategies for real-world challenges Freshly-minted grads get all kinds of advice, from the stock commencement speeches to well-meaning words of wisdom from relatives, friends, and parents, all of whom have “been-there-done-that.” Some of it is actually...


Recession-proof your finances

Practical financial and investment strategies Recessions are generally defined by economists as two consecutive quarters of declining gross domestic product. Put that way, it sounds dry and academic and with no real impact on the real world. In truth, recessions...


Taking the gain from a cottage

Reduce the CRA’s tax take With the price of recreational real estate soaring in the past couple of years, especially in high-demand areas, many long-time vacation property owners are seriously thinking about selling the property, especially if they are close to or...


Manage your mortgage

The variable or fixed-rate choice, and stress test stress With interest rates climbing, homeowners with variable-rate mortgages may be wondering whether now is the time to convert to a fixed-rate mortgage. The answer is not as cut-and-dried as it might seem....


New baby, new budget

Six budgeting essentials for bringing up baby For new parents, one thing’s for certain with the arrival of that new little person – your household budget will change drastically. And many will find the transition something of a challenge. But there are...


Will pooling their money make couples happier?

Separate investments can work against each other if one spouse likes to take bigger financial risks and puts long-term retirement savings in jeopardy. In this Globe and Mail feature, Robyn Thompson has some advice for couples on pooling resources while maintaining...


Financial advice: Are you getting value for money?

What to look for in an advisor The wealth advisory landscape has changed over the past few years. Registered advisors need to be a lot more transparent about the fees and services they offer. By the same token, wealth management clients’ attention has become more...


How to soften back-to-the-office sticker shock

Tips for saving money when heading back to the office More employees who have been working from home these past two years are now heading towards giving up their casual wear, donning some business basics, and getting back to the office. But the new environment can...


Personal planning strategies for rising rates

The impact on savers and borrowers Inflation has been pushing the prices of everything up – not just in Canada but around the world. Canadian inflation rose to an annual 5.7% rate in February. After a year of insisting that this spike in inflation was “transitory,”...

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