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How to soften back-to-the-office sticker shock

Tips for saving money when heading back to the office More employees who have been working from home these past two years are now heading towards giving up their casual wear, donning some business basics, and getting back to the office. But the new environment can...


Calming runaway inflation fears

Clients have been asking about the prospect of runaway inflation and how it could affect their portfolio and their ability to meet retirement goals. In this interview with Wealth Professional, Robyn Thompson offers pointers for financial advisors and their clients...


Preparing your portfolio for inflation

Do’s and don’ts for the new investment environment By now, you’ve noticed that the prices of everyday essentials from groceries to gas to lumber have edged up, some quite significantly. No, you’re not dreaming, and it’s not a mistake. Consumer price indexes have...


How inflation makes your money disappear

Protect your portfolio against inflation erosion The Bank of Canada raised its interest rate to 1.75% on Oct. 24. It said that CPI inflation dropped to 2.2% in September, but that its core measures remain around 2%. For many novice investors, this may sound like a...


Should investors worry about inflation?

In a word, yes One of the factors to take into account when deciding on a target rate of return for your investments is the rate of inflation. But according to Statistics Canada, inflation was actually down -0.5% in December. With inflation rates low or declining...


Recovering the angels’ share

How to prevent inflation evaporation in your portfolio Scottish distillers call the routine evaporation of a small amount of whisky during the distilling process “the angels’ share.” Likewise, inflation is quietly evaporating your retirement nest egg, your...

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