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How inflation makes your money disappear

Protect your portfolio against inflation erosion The Bank of Canada raised its interest rate to 1.75% on Oct. 24. It said that CPI inflation dropped to 2.2% in September, but that its core measures remain around 2%. For many novice investors, this may sound like a...


Should investors worry about inflation?

In a word, yes One of the factors to take into account when deciding on a target rate of return for your investments is the rate of inflation. But according to Statistics Canada, inflation was actually down -0.5% in December. With inflation rates low or declining...


Recovering the angels’ share

How to prevent inflation evaporation in your portfolio Scottish distillers call the routine evaporation of a small amount of whisky during the distilling process “the angels’ share.” Likewise, inflation is quietly evaporating your retirement nest egg, your...