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How to avoid debt stress

Tips for managing household debt Canadians have been getting into debt at a red-hot pace. The overheated housing market since the beginning of the year, combined with pandemic-induced credit-card use, lifted the household debt to income ratio to 172.3% in the first...


Calming runaway inflation fears

Clients have been asking about the prospect of runaway inflation and how it could affect their portfolio and their ability to meet retirement goals. In this interview with Wealth Professional, Robyn Thompson offers pointers for financial advisors and their clients...


What home buyers need to know about mortgage rules

Navigating stress tests and high-ratio mortgage insurance As if the real estate market weren’t already challenging enough, the government has decided to make it even tougher by tightening the qualification thresholds for certain mortgages. If you’re applying for a...


Pandemic cash flow

Pandemic restrictions have changed how much money we have on hand. For some, it’s more, for many it’s much less. Check out my recent interview on CHCH TV for some tips on the 4 C’s of managing personal cash flow during the...


The “4 Cs” of pandemic cash-flow planning

Managing your cash, from crunch to conservation Over the past year, the pandemic has put many people between a rock and a hard place financially. A recent survey by FP Canada indicated that nearly 60% of respondents said they had at least one negative financial...


The pre-marriage money talk

Avoid surprises: talk about money before exchanging vows Couples caught up in the details of planning a wedding – especially during the pandemic lockdowns – often neglect to talk about money. That’s not surprising, since the Leger Discomfort Index, a survey of what...


TFSA planning

What you need to know about TFSAs You may have a tax refund coming. Or you might have excess cash saved up because you’ve spent less during Covid. Or you’ve received an inheritance. Don’t let that cash sit around! Consider contributing to a Tax-Free Savings...


Tax deductions, credits, and changes for 2021

Last minute tax tips, and key federal budget proposals The April 30 tax filing deadline is just a few days away. But you still have time to ensure you get every tax break coming to you before you have to file. In addition, the April 19 federal budget made some...


Should parents help their kids buy a home?

Robyn Thompson is featured in Investment Executive with tips for advisors whose clients want to provide financial assistance to adult children looking to buy a home. But there are several factors parents should consider before they fork over tens (or hundreds) of...


Home, sweet office deductions

Deducting pandemic-related home office expenses  The Covid-19 pandemic and associated government-mandated lockdowns and “stay-at-home” orders have resulted in a great deal of financial stress for individuals, families, and small businesses. So this tax season, it’s...


HBP can help relieve mortgage stress

The Home Buyers’ Plan and the stress test Shopping for a new home? Welcome to the crowd. The residential real estate market is hot in all of Canada’s major urban centres and surrounding areas, mostly because of the current environment of ultra-low interest rates....

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