Breaking it off

Divorce and money

Yes, as a newly single woman, you can achieve financial empowerment! After a divorce, your life will obviously be different. First, you have to deal with the inevitable emotional roller coaster – and you will! Let us show you how to take charge of your personal finances – to ensure much-needed stability now and into the future.

The starting point is to acknowledge that your financial needs are now probably very different from when you were married. From now on, it may be up to you to pay all the bills, plan for your children’s education, and manage investment and retirement savings. To say nothing of balancing income and expenses, while paying off debts, like mortgages. And oh, by the way, you also have to live (and enjoy) your life and achieve your goals!

Our business is called Castlemark Wealth Management for Her for a very good reason. It’s because we understand the particular needs and wants of women at any stage in their lives. And that includes seeing you through the various stages of divorce.

If ever there was a time and place for sympathetic understanding and clear-headed financial guidance, this is it.

The Settlement – making it first and making it last. The settlement is only the final stage of what can be a long, arduous and emotionally draining process of dividing up family assets. We’ll help you get organized, find and track important documents, create lists of itemized assets and liabilities, assess sources of income, expenses and so on. The next step is to make the settlement last for the long term. And that’s where your financial plan comes in.

The Plan – getting you on your feet, keeping you standing. We want to get to help you get back on your feet as fast as possible after a divorce. So we’ll have a frank and open discussion about your life goals, your values, your investment and financial objectives. Likewise, you want to get to know us – who we are, how we work, our aims and aspirations. It’s all about trust. Only then will we provide you with an action plan with recommendations specific to you.

  • Determine your net worth. What you own. What you owe after all is said and done. It doesn’t matter what it looks like now – it’s a place to grow from.
  • Focus on your priorities. You have to ask, “What’s next”? You’ll have short-term priorities, like paying the bills (including mortgage and other debt) and everyday expenses for yourself and your dependants. But you’ll also have longer-term goals, like retirement planning, healthcare, and estate planning, including insurance.
  • Put your money to work. We’ll establish an investment plan that best fits your priorities and goals. And we’ll take the time to explain every step of the way. You’ll never get in “over your head” or outside your comfort zone. We’ll create a detailed statement of investment objectives, defining the optimal allocation of your investment assets. Then we’ll watch it like a hawk. Remember, our aim is to get you on your feet, keep you there, and watch you grow to full financial independence.
  • Taxes, estate planning, and protection. Yes, we’ll look after that too. Our experts will make sure your family taxes are cut to the bone. And we’ll work with you to ensure your dependants are cared for with the proper wills, estate plan, and life insurance necessary so that you can gain the freedom you deserve.