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How advisors manage ethical dilemmas

How do advisors deal with conflicts of interest, client disputes, and other ethical dilemmas? Check Robyn’s views in this report in Investment Executive on the Knowledge Bureau’s 2021 virtual Distinguished Advisors Conference (DAC) panel on building ethical...


How to deal with RESP uncertainties

This second year of the pandemic has resulted in a new set of questions about RESPs as a new school year gets underway. In this Globe and Mail article, Robyn Thompson has some pointers on RESP catch-up on contributions, stock market worries, and taking a year...


Six advisory traps and pitfalls to watch for

How to ensure you get value for the cost of advice The financial advice business is a big one. Advocis, the Financial Advisors Association of Canada, represents more than 17,000 members across the country. And the Investment Funds Institute of Canada reports that...


Three investment principles for novice investors

How to start building a portfolio that’s right for you As the big stock market indexes scale to new highs, seemingly daily, a growing number of novice investors are tempted to open online trading accounts and get into the game, for fear of missing out. Trouble is,...


Making a financial fresh start

September is the time to get down to business September is typically a time for fresh starts. Vacations are over and schools are opening again. This year, especially, has more of a “fresh start” feel to it with Covid restrictions lifting and a return to normalcy on...


Contemplating retirement? Five questions to ask

A guide to doing retirement right The Baby-Boom retirement wave is happening now. But just how ready are you if you’re in this bulging demographic? Some have already retired and are enjoying their new “career after their career.” Others are still wondering whether...


The importance of portfolio diversification

Manage risk, stabilize returns Have you noticed? Stock markets have been climbing to new highs through the summer. And the growth stock sector continues to be expensive. Value stocks, holding true to their name, generally are not. In fact, according to Yardeni...


A business of her own

What successful businesswomen know about startups A recent survey from Deloitte Global showed that the pandemic has seen an increase in workloads at work and at home for many women. In fact, many are at a breaking point, leaving the workforce in record numbers. For...


How to cope with the cost of college

A lesson in financial planning for post-secondary education Parents with children going to post-secondary schools this fall might be suffering from a case of sticker shock. Costs are high, sometimes eye-wateringly so.  Students can expect to pay about $80,000...

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