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The hidden benefits of high interest rates

Robyn Thompson recently appeared on CITY TV’s Breakfast Television to talk about the upside to high interest rates and how to control your costs when it comes to lines of credit and other loans. Watch now for personal finance tips and strategies as rates start to...


How to talk about money with your friends

For some friend groups, there are no topics that are off limits. But how often do you talk about debt repayment or savings strategies with your friends? Robyn joins CHCH TV’s “Morning Live” to share how you can start conversations about money with your...


Pandemic cash flow

Pandemic restrictions have changed how much money we have on hand. For some, it’s more, for many it’s much less. Check out my recent interview on CHCH TV for some tips on the 4 C’s of managing personal cash flow during the...


New Year, new you

The new year is the natural time to turn over a new leaf with finances. However, best intentions are typically forgotten within a few weeks. Check my latest interview on CHCH TV for some tips on how to get your financial resolutions on track this...


Choosing between CERB and CESB

Watch Robyn Thompson on BNN’s “Ask the Expert” feature on The Open, discussing which form of financial aid works best for someone who is both a seasonal worker and a...

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