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Dealing with unexpected job loss

Sometimes life can throw a curve ball in the form of unexpected job loss. Robyn is featured in this recent Investment Executive post on how to best handle retirement plans, severance offers, and...


Business start-up tips for women

Confidence. Grit. Determination. That’s just some of what makes a successful businesswomen. And if you’re thinking now of opportunities when the coronavirus pandemic ends, you might just have what it takes. Read Robyn’s guest blog on Sandbox, as she shines a light...


When to turn on your retirement income stream

There’s more to it than just dipping into your savings accounts Q – My husband and I are both 45 and set to retire in 15 years. We have the majority of our money invested in mutual funds divided between RRSPs and cash accounts. We are looking to do some planning...


Rent or buy a home: factoring affordability

Q – My husband and I are thinking of starting a family and we feel we need more space. We are currently renting a downtown condo unit, but we’re wondering whether we can afford to borrow to buy a home. Is there some rule of thumb we can use to calculate the type of...


The importance of a tax-efficient portfolio

Q – I manage my own investment portfolio, and I’m an active trader with an online account. However, I just paid my tax bill for 2012, and it was a doozy! A large part of it was due to tax on investments, particularly on income on distributions and sales of some...


Year-end investment and tax tips

’Tis the season…for tips. Year-end is a great time for advisors, investment counsellors, pundits, and other financial experts. They can fire off opinions and advice, filling websites, YouTube videos, and newspapers with reams of predictions, analysis, advice, and...