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About Castlemark Wealth Management

What we do


Whether professionals, business owners, or executives, our clients are ready for the next stage in bespoke wealth management services. Whatever the goal – wealth accumulation and management or retirement, estate, and decumulation planning – Castlemark has the vision and expertise to tailor a plan for you.

Castlemark’s approach integrates a structured, end-to-end financial plan with optimal cash-flow solutions, professional investment management, retirement, and estate planning, all modeled in a tax-efficient, goal-directed structure.

Together we will create a lifetime financial strategy using our powerful Integrated Wealth Management Service to help you live better today and make your dreams a reality.

Our clients


Our clients are successful, active, and ready to take the next step in freeing up the most important asset of all: time. They are ready for help from top financial professionals to undertake the complexities of retirement, tax, and income planning, as well as comprehensive investment management. In today’s noisy, confusing financial environment, our client families have come to rely on Castlemark’s calm, reasoned, measured approach with planning and support for every stage of life. And our fee-only approach ensures the highest level of independent service and advice.

“Robyn provides a solid direction to give us piece of mind for our retirement, the education of our children and for us to be insured. She clearly has her finger on the pulse of the market and provides sound counsel when we have questions. We have faith in her to guide us for years to come.”

— DAN. B

“Castlemark offers a long term thoughtful approach to financial planning that has given us the most valuable asset of all: peace of mind. The team built a very comprehensive specialized plan for us that addresses our concerns and it’s an active document too – we review it with Robyn regularily.”


“Robyn has been our financial adviser for over a decade. She has taken the time to know us, which is the foundation for putting our interests first. Robyn’s advice has been strategic and on target allowing us to grow and benefit from good times, and to weather the bad. The net result is an investment program that can flex with the times and continue to support us into the future. ”


“Passion, knowledge and a genuine interest in achieving the best for clients is what makes a truly professional Financial Advisor. Robyn has these qualities and more. Her dedication to clients, responsiveness and financial acumen set her apart and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking financial planning services.”


“Robyn’s expertise and approach to our financial portfolio gave us the confidence we were protected from a volatile market. A few years ago Robyn built different scenarios based on our ongoing expenses and assets which demonstrated the ability to retire early. We gladly took it!”


Meet the team


wealth advisory

For over a decade, we have been providing customized financial planning and wealth management services in a no-pressure personal boutique environment. Our award-winning financial professionals bring years of practical experience in investment and wealth management, retirement planning and decumulation strategies to tax-planning, insurance and estate planning, A deep understanding of your unique goals and objectives lets us provide customized financial solutions with the goal of optimizing your wealth-building strategies while ensuring your peace of mind.

Robyn K. Thompson

Robyn K. Thompson is a seasoned wealth management advisory professional and founder of Castlemark Wealth Management Inc.

With more than a decade in the financial services business, Robyn holds the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation, Canada’s most respected designation for Financial Planners. She also holds the Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) designation, indicating the attainment of the professional standards and expertise necessary to provide money management services to high-net-worth and institutional clients. Robyn is also a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI), the highest honour and most senior credential in Canadian financial services and is registered with the Ontario Securities Commission as Associate Portfolio Manager at R.N. Croft Financial Group Inc.

In addition to being a widely published author, Robyn also appears frequently as a financial expert on popular media channels, including BNN, CTV, Global, Citytv, and many others. She is also a regular contributor to The Globe and Mail’s “Financial Facelift” feature and to The Fund Library. Robyn also dedicates a generous portion of her time responding to the unique financial needs of women, and is an active volunteer for JA Canada, helping Canadian youth succeed through learning financial literacy and work skills.


Bianca Tomenson

Bianca Tomenson, CFP, is an experienced financial planning professional with a more than 10 years’ experience in the financial services sector. With stints at Wellington West Capital, Richardson GMP, and High Rock Capital Management, Bianca brings to Castlemark broad expertise in personal financial planning, asset mix and performance analysis, tax-efficient asset allocation planning, and performance reviews and reporting. Bianca’s skill and experience as a full-service financial planning professional ensure that clients of Castlemark Wealth Management receive superior service and support.

Loa Croft

Loa Croft has a wide range of experience in the financial services sector, with a focus on client services, operations, and stock trading. She is a licensed insurance advisor and has completed the foundational Canadian Securities Course credential of the Canadian Securities Institute. She also holds the RWM – Real Wealth Manager designation from the Knowledge Bureau. As a Real Wealth Manager, Loa has in-depth understanding of how to help families build, manage, and transition their wealth. She is passionate about providing clients with a holistic approach to financial planning and insurance.

Simone Espinet

As our lead office and operational administrator, Simone brings to Castlemark Wealth Management over 18 years’ experience in senior-level administrative positions in the banking, retail, and hospitality sectors. Highly skilled in client services, Simone combines a background in organizational systems with efficient back-office administration, organizational, and customer service skills. Her initiative, tact, and discretion complement her extensive administrative background to provide clients of Castlemark Wealth Management with superior account administration and management support that exceeds industry best-practices standards.

The Castlemark Method

1. Initial consultation

Our initial complimentary consultation with you will cover your current finances, expenses, and plans. The aim is to look at the entirety of your financial situation objectively. We want to help you get a clear picture of where you are now, what your resources are, and what your goals and aspirations are. This will show whether there are gaps in your current plan and help us start discussing some ideas about to how you might address them. With a more informed overview, we can outline how we can most effectively partner with you to begin implementing your plan.

2. Developing a profile

It is a key principle of financial planning to determine what is realistic and what is attainable. Armed with a better understanding of your financial needs and goals, along with your true tolerance for risk, we can help ease the stress and anxiety you may be feeling about your financial outlook. Castlemark’s fact-based planning process will give you a clear sense of direction and ease the stress of dealing with sometimes turbulent financial markets on your own.

3. Creating a plan

When creating a plan based on your in-depth profile, it’s important to quantify your resources, and apply them to your goals. Our financial planning and organizational expertise and experience will help you locate and organize all your current financial information. Working with you and any of your other accounting, legal, or tax advisors, Castlemark’s planning experts will develop a detailed, actionable plan with specific goals and milestones to measure results as you progress though life’s changes.

4. Solutions and strategy

will be customized specifically for you. We do not use a one-size-fits-all black box approach, but instead offer complete flexibility in designing and implementing your plan. Our full service program can be tailored for even the most complex business, family, and investment situations, including all elements of financial, tax, estate, insurance, and wealth management.

5. Professional investment management

An investment portfolio is the engine that drives your financial plan forward. Our experts will develop a personal financial strategy statement that identifies your target, asset allocation, investment objectives, risk tolerance, and the steps needed to implement your strategy across all your registered and non-registered accounts. Castlemark’s disciplined process bases asset allocation on only as much risk as you are comfortable with. Our wide network in the financial sector allows us to research, negotiate, and recommend all third-party discretionary portfolio managers. To match investment expertise to your needs and risk tolerance, we will thoroughly review each portfolio management firm, its people, investment philosophy and management style, performance, and regulatory compliance.

6. Estate and insurance planning

Estate planning involves more than a standard-form will. It is an important component of your overall financial plan, and should include a consideration of such things as living wills, powers of attorney, beneficiary designations, trusts, business succession, charitable donations, tax-efficiency, reducing probate costs, and choosing executors. Castlemark’s network of professional experts can help ensure your needs are met. As part of the estate-planning process, our trained insurance experts will also assess your current coverage, including life insurance to provide an estate, cover taxes and expenses, and discharge debts. In addition, our analysis will include an assessment of current disability, major medical, critical illness, and other coverage.

7. Review, report, and update

Your financial plan is designed to be flexible and adaptive to your changing life situation. That’s why after we develop your initial plan, we review, report, and update it regularly, in writing and in personal meetings. In addition, you will receive quarterly evaluations, status reports, and statements on the progress of your investment portfolio. And because one of Castlemark’s founding principles is to provide transparency and open communication, we are available by phone, online, or in person to discuss your money questions or concerns, help resolve financial problems, and keep your financial plan on track.

Integrated Wealth Management Service

Our full service program can be tailored for even the most complex business, family, and investment situations, including all elements of financial, tax, estate, insurance, and wealth management.
Comprehensive Financial Planning

Financial goals are as many and varied as there are individuals. Most of us want to build wealth for retirement and secure our and our family’s financial future. We might also want to leave a substantial legacy for our children. Whatever the goal, we can make it happen with a personalized financial plan.

Our five-step process is designed to maximize the value of all your financial resources to achieve your objectives: 1) Establish concrete goals instead of a hazy wish list is the important first step. 2) Assess your resources to give us a complete picture of your current situation. 3) Analyze all components of your financial life to find strengths to exploit and weaknesses to repair. 4) Present a detailed plan to grow and manage your wealth, provide for an estate, and protect your wealth while enjoying the lifestyle you want. 5) Take action to implement the plan, including professional portfolio construction and management, ongoing communication and reporting, and adjustments when necessary.

Building Wealth

Once we understand your needs, the next step is to implement your plan with a managed portfolio. Our network of full-time professional discretionary investment managers use objective, time-tested strategies to build cost-effective, tax-efficient portfolios to match your risk-return profile. Whether your objective is a steady low-risk return or a more active growth target, our asset managers take care of all the details. And our commitment to oversight, regular reporting, and rebalancing ensures your portfolio stays on track to achieve your goals.

Insurance Solutions

Insurance can be an effective tool to protect your financial security while leaving a larger estate for your beneficiaries, providing a cushion for transitioning a business to the next generation, and covering taxes and other major expenses resulting from estate liquidation. Our experts will assess your current insurance coverage and identify any risks to your financial security, filling any gaps in coverage, including death, disability, and critical illness. We will show you how to get better value for premiums paid by managing insurance as a cost-effective defensive strategy.

Tax Planning

Tax-efficiency is critical to wealth creation and preservation, so we overlay proven tax-minimization strategies on your financial plan and investment portfolios. Not only do we apply tax-efficient thinking to our investment portfolios, but we also assess your personal and family tax situation. To ensure you and your family are managing taxes effectively, we look at such tax-deferral vehicles as Registered Retired Savings Plans (RRSPs), Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) to maximize tax-free investment growth, life insurance and annuities, income-splitting through family trusts, prescribed rate loans, and spousal RRSPs.

Estate Planning

An estate plan defines how you will distribute your money and property in the most tax-efficient way when you die, with a focus on wills, insurance, and executors. Our experts will assess your current estate plan and recommend any changes you might need to reflect your current situation. Some of the key aspects we will consider include providing a trouble-free, tax-efficient transition of your estate to beneficiaries, and ensuring your assets are distributed according to your wishes. We will also review powers of attorney or living wills and trusts in the event of a critical illness or disability.

financial planning suite for the c-suite

Business owners, executives, and senior mangers face special financial-planning challenges because very often, business and personal planning are intermingled. So Castlemark offers an integrated financial planning suite for the C-suite. We will look at maximizing your rewards as a senior executive, including legal, tax, and estate-planning elements. Financial independence is key, and Castlemark specializes in high-net-worth investment planning, targeting growth with capital preservation. With our expertise in tax planning, we can help you maximize personal tax efficiency through deferred compensation strategies, income splitting, sheltering capital gains, and more. We will also help you assess and manage risk, including employer equity exposure as well as general insurance needs. And with Castlemark’s specialty in executive retirement planning (including Individual Pension Plans), we will help ensure your exit strategy meshes with your retirement objectives for financial independence.

+ for her

We specialize in helping develop and maintain a financial plan that takes into account the specific challenges facing women at every stage of life. For women, the reality is that juggling a family, a career, and a busy social life just doesn’t leave a lot of time for the extra demands and challenges of financial planning and investment management. Castlemark can help with a customized wealth management plan that fits your life. And we’ll manage all of your financial affairs pro-actively starting with our customized financial planning service for women. And we can expand to fit your needs for investment management, tax and estate planning, and insurance – all designed by and for women.

Female founded. Female led.


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