Do you need all that insurance?

The big business of life, mortgage, and critical illness insurance

Insurance is a numbers game. Anyone who has ever purchased any kind of life or health insurance knows this firsthand. But here’s one number you won’t often hear about: $4.7 trillion (no mistake, that’s a “T”). That’s how much life insurance coverage is owned by the 22 million Canadians who have policies, according to the Canada Life and Health Insurance Association 2018 report. In 2017, that represented $21.4 billion in premiums. And the average coverage per household is $417,000. Health insurance added another $43 billion in premiums. No doubt about it – insurance is big business in Canada. Here’s a quick look at the types of insurance advisors are asked about most frequently. READ MORE

How to stay healthy, wealthy and wise

Calculating your critical illness and disability insurance needs

Congratulations! You’re a successful businessperson. You’ve finally achieved that magical HNW designation – that’s “high net worth.” You’re a busy professional, executive, or business owner, and you’re on the go all the time. You don’t have time to take a day off – let alone get sick. And yet, critical illness and short-term disabilities do happen. Obviously, you can’t predict those, but fortunately, you can protect yourself, your family, your home, and your business against the potentially disastrous financial consequences. READ MORE