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HBP can help relieve mortgage stress

The Home Buyers’ Plan and the stress test Shopping for a new home? Welcome to the crowd. The residential real estate market is hot in all of Canada’s major urban centres and surrounding areas, mostly because of the current environment of ultra-low interest rates....


Got the first-time home buyer blues?

Learn the basics of financing before plunging in – no math degree required Young couples shopping for their first home are faced with the bewildering new language of the real estate market – mortgages alone often seem to require a degree in higher mathematics. It’s...


Time to use the HBP to crack open the RRSP?

First-time home buyers can use RRSP funds to top up their down payment Now that the Bank of Canada has cut its benchmark interest rate to 0.5%, it looks like mortgage rates will also fall. But the government may try to head off a real estate market bubble by...

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