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Stressed out over mortgages stress test?

Know the rules before you sign on the dotted line If you’ve been shopping for a mortgage for your new home, you probably have run across something called a “stress test.” It raises the bar on your financial health a lot higher before you can qualify for a mortgage...


Time to use the HBP to crack open the RRSP?

First-time home buyers can use RRSP funds to top up their down payment Now that the Bank of Canada has cut its benchmark interest rate to 0.5%, it looks like mortgage rates will also fall. But the government may try to head off a real estate market bubble by...


Six rules to help you survive the mortgage market

Take on life’s biggest debt…and win! Even though much of Canada is still covered with a thick layer of snow and ice, the so-called spring real estate market is gathering momentum. And banks, finance companies, and lawyers are all gearing up to take their cut,...

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