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Sell in May and go away? Not so fast!

Seasonal patterns can be misleading “Sell in May, go away, and don’t come back till Labour Day.” With the return of volatility earlier this year after many years of an uninterrupted bull market, many analysts are warning that the stock market is due for a...


The lure of ‘haven’ assets

The danger of investing by headline We’re once again seeing the geopolitical situation heating up – North Korea, U.K. elections, French elections, Trump’s trade threats, and so on. Is it time to sell stocks and switch to gold and bonds? How did that strategy work...


Should you really ‘sell in May and go away’?

You should... only if you believe in stock market fairy dust You may have heard the old stock market saying, “Sell in May, go away, and don’t come back ’til Labour Day.” These bits of market lore are repeated so often that they eventually become like rules carved...


Sell in May – and watch your gains go away

Why market timing strategies are bad for your portfolio “Sell in May, go away, and don’t come back til Labour Day.” This year especially, investors might be tempted to do so, because markets have been on a tear, and the experts say they’re due for a correction....


Three investing mistakes to avoid in 2014

Don’t put your portfolio at risk! As a financial advisor and professional planner, I’ve seen most every investment mistake novice investors are likely to make. And around this time of year, when I undertake client portfolio reviews, clients often seem overcome with...

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