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Hearts and flowers…and finances

Financial advice for happy couples on St. Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is that annual hearts-and-flowers fest that can be gushingly romantic, to say nothing of stressful. It’s also a time when many proposals of marriage are made – and accepted. Once that initial...


A little pre-nuptial financial advice

Have the ‘money talk’ before you tie the knot Young couples getting ready to tie the knot this spring and summer typically have a lot to talk about – guest lists, invitations, venues, honeymoon, and all the details that go into planning a wedding. Money often isn’t...


How to make the honeymoon last

4 financial planning principles for the soon-to-be-married Many newlywed couples I talk to in my financial planning practice are of the high net worth variety. They are often professionals or executives and each brings to the marriage a fairly robust net worth and...

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