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A cure for holiday spending disorder

Set a budget, make a list, and check it twice Holiday spending is on a roll this year. According to a survey by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada, Canadians expect to spend about $555 on gifts in 2021. And according to a recent FP Canada survey,...


How to escape the credit card crunch

When the holiday-spending credit card bills start coming in this month, some of us will pay off the balance to zero and calmly go on as before. Others – many others – among us will add it to the ever-growing pile of debt, try to make a minimum payment on at least...


The cure for holiday (financial) overindulgence

Have you been naughty this holiday season? Financially, at least, many of us tip over to the “naughty” side, overextending our spending and maxing out our credit cards. I won’t get into other kinds of overindulgence here, but you know what they are. With the...

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