Stocks at record highs: time to buy?

How to avoid the market timing trap

In a post-Brexit bounce over the past few weeks, the major North American stock markets have touched record highs. That blindsided many small investors who had bought in to the end-of-the-world style of media hype right after the Brexit vote and jumped out of their equity holdings. Of course, they pretty much missed the almost immediate rally, which recovered the losses and sent markets surging to new highs. So is now the time to buy stocks again? Actually, that’s the wrong question to ask. READ MORE

Acting on scare headlines can lead to bad investment decisions

How to keep your head when stock markets start gyrating

If you got a bad case of market jitters over the latest stock market scare headlines, then the business media will have done their job – which is to get you to look at their websites, Twitter and other feeds, cable channels, and newspapers – and, of course, all those ads that track you and follow you around. Welcome to the brave new world of instant market panics! Trouble is, all that market and media noise can lead to bad investment decisions. READ MORE

Markets will fluctuate, so don’t panic!

Trading by headline is a sure way to lose money

Q – I have both mutual funds and exchange-traded funds in a self directed brokerage account. They’ve suffered some pretty big losses over the past couple of weeks. Should I be selling my equity funds and switching to cash to protect my investments in this volatile time? – Asked by J.B.

Not necessarily. First of all, don’t panic! Markets fluctuate and regularly experience periods of volatility. During especially uncertain periods, as we’ve seen recently, it’s best first of all to review your financial plan and revisit your investment objectives to ensure your investment portfolio is still in line with your goals. If it is, then you should be able to ride out the storm. READ MORE