New grads facing financial challenges

Paying down debt, building savings, emergency benefits

This year has been particularly challenging for new graduates of post-secondary schools. Because of the COVID-19 lockdowns, the last semester for most students was likely done online, as were exams and other final submissions. Graduation ceremonies have been postponed. But at least marks and certificates could be mailed out. So congrats to all the new grads! But what’s next? As lockdowns lift and things slowly return to normal, you’ll still have to deal with some “real world” matters – and these are mostly financial.


Real-world advice for new grads

A (very) short post-graduate course in personal finance

Here’s a commencement speech you won’t hear at most graduation ceremonies: As a new grad, the most important lesson you’ll have to learn after leaving school is to live within your means and not spend more than you earn. You do not need to make a six-figure salary to be financially successful, but you do need to be smart about spending and to set out a diligent savings goal and investment plan. READ MORE

Important financial advice for new grads

Make paying down your student loan a priority

If you just graduated from university or college, you may or may not have a job in your field of study. What you probably do have is a pretty hefty student loan debt load. Many students wonder how they’re going to pay this off. Some hope that their provincial governments implement a student debt forgiveness program down the road, and hold off making any payments at all. Here are some debt management pointers for new grads. READ MORE