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Inflation Investing

Some asset classes better than others as an inflation hedge When preparing your financial plan and setting target returns, make sure you discuss the effects of inflation with your advisor.  Currently, inflation is at levels not seen in decades. In Canada, the...


Gold: safe haven or dead weight?

The lure of gold in troubled times Gold has in recent weeks become more interesting to investors. After a lengthy period during which an ounce of gold traded around US$1,500 per ounce, it notched up slightly after the March stock market meltdown, to around...


Should you buy hard assets now?

Precious metals, gems a risky way to hedge risk The headlines are hard to miss. There’s the seemingly endless tariff war between China and the U.S. Then there’s the truly endless sabre rattling in the Middle East, most recently between Turkey and the Kurds in...


How to invest in gold

Use it as a safe haven if you must, but never speculate Over the past month or so, the price of gold has climbed steadily, gaining nearly US$150 per ounce, to trade over US$1,270 per ounce at the beginning of March. This is the biggest sustained gain in the past 12...


Diamonds are not a girl’s best friend

Ever since screen goddess Marilyn Monroe breathily sang the famous lyric in the 1959 hit movie Some Like It Hot, diamonds have come to be known as “a girl’s best friend.” You can understand why. They’re flashy and sparkly and pricey. And some girls actually drip...

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