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How inflation makes your money disappear

Protect your portfolio against inflation erosion The Bank of Canada raised its interest rate to 1.75% on Oct. 24. It said that CPI inflation dropped to 2.2% in September, but that its core measures remain around 2%. For many novice investors, this may sound like a...


Beware the investment scam con game!

How to know if you’re the target of a fraud attempt March is fraud prevention month, and it’s a great time to remind readers that the financial sea is full of sharks, circling the naïve and unprepared, and ready to take you for every cent you’ve got. The bad guys...


Don’t be the victim of a financial flim-flam!

How to stop the bad guys from robbing you blind Q – A friend recently asked me whether I’d be interested in a private investment that he said returns over 12% a month. He explained that an advisor he knows had told him it was some sort of syndicated offshore real...


Financial lessons from the Material Girl

3 key principles of Madonna’s pop star staying power Long-time pop queen Madonna really hit the big time with the debut of her second album “Like a Virgin.” That was 30 years ago, and she’s been a pop celebrity ever since. Success like that is tough to replicate....

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