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Are segregated funds worth the cost?

More popular with older, risk-averse investors Many investors, especially those facing retirement, are often offered so-called “segregated” funds by their financial advisors as a way to participate in the stock market while guaranteeing their principal. Although a...


How to create a secure income stream for life

“Pensionize” your retirement income Will you outlive your money? That’s the big question a lot of pre-retirees are asking. I am a firm believer in “pensioning your retirement income,” which means creating a secure stream of income from a variety of sources that...


Segregated funds offer a guarantee…at a price

The steep ‘peace-of-mind’ premium Both mutual funds and segregated funds provide investors the opportunity to invest in stocks and bonds managed by a professional money manager. The managers of both mutual funds and segregated funds look to invest the funds...

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