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Markets will fluctuate, so don’t panic!

Trading by headline is a sure way to lose money Q – I have both mutual funds and exchange-traded funds in a self directed brokerage account. They’ve suffered some pretty big losses over the past couple of weeks. Should I be selling my equity funds and switching to...


Thinking of bonds as stocks stagger?

Bonds offer safe haven, but learn the ropes before you jump in Q – With the stock market plunging, I have been looking to invest in something a bit safer. So I’ve been considering either bonds or bonds funds. What are the risks of investing in bonds? – Asked by...


Why you can’t invest like Warren Buffett

And why you should follow his advice anyway Warren Buffett is the most famous investor in the world. Also one of the world’s richest men. There’s a direct line of causality between the two. So it’s not surprising that his annual letter to shareholders of his...


Claiming a loss on worthless shares

I’m often asked by clients what to do with shares of bankrupt, insolvent, or wound-up companies that are no longer traded on the stock market. For obvious reasons, taking a capital loss on the shares makes sense, especially if there are capital gains elsewhere that...

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