On your own

The self-sufficient woman

You’re single. Whether by chance or design, you’re definitely independent, confident in your ability to fend for yourself. But you’re thinking about growing that nest-egg for your retirement years. How, and where to start? What you need is a little practical financial magic.

Whether you’ve been married and now are not, never married, or never plan to, your financial challenges are a lot different from married couples. But note:

We’re not saying “better” or “worse” – just different. Knowing that – and accepting it – is half the battle to achieving financial success when you’re flying solo. At Castlemark Wealth Management for Her, we can help you develop and maintain a financial plan that takes into account the specific challenges you face as a woman of independent means.


Build wealth… and keep it. Let’s face it: Lifespans are increasing. A higher percentage of women can expect to live into their 90s than ever before. But that raises the risk that you’ll outlive your retirement assets. So first and foremost, we’ll help you establish a realistic retirement savings action plan, including available customized professional investment services. Best of all, we’ll get you started right now.

What you earn, what you spend. Some of us love to balance our books every month, some of us hate it. Most of us are somewhere in between. At Castlemark, we’ll help you get a grip on your income and your expenses – so you’re not spending that nest-egg on a Caribbean cruise, for example. We’ll analyze your needs and help you structure your cash flow so it’s not always flowing away from you. And we’ll show you how to afford that cruise without denting your retirement!

Changing needs: What’s important? What’s at risk? For successful singles, where and how you live are cornerstones of the life you lead. Do you own or rent? A condominium or a house? Do you have a mortgage, and if so, do you have a plan to pay it off quickly? If you become ill or disabled, will you be able to continue living where you are, in the style you’re used to? Answers to all of these are vitally important to your financial future. Sadly, many singles never consider these until it’s too late. At Castlemark, we want to help you with risk management, including a professional analysis of your insurance and healthcare need.

We’ll ensure you maximize any employee benefits, and integrate those with carefully selected products to ensure you’re fully protected in the most cost-effective manner possible.