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School’s in session – and it costs!

How to cope with higher education’s sticker shock There’s no two ways around it: The cost of a post-secondary education is high. For some, it’s a real challenge to make ends meet while attending college or university. In fact, students can expect to pay a total of...


School’s in session: time to break open the RESP

How RESPs pay out for post-secondary expenses If you have kids going off to college or university this fall, you’ll be tapping into any savings you’ve made through a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). But those payments aren’t treated like a bank account....


An important tutorial on RESPs

It’s a terrific tax shelter, but you have to know the rules If you’re considering opening a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) to help fund rising college costs, you might find the rules a bit complicated and information that seems to come from several...


The ABCs of back-to-school tax breaks

Use RESPs and tax credits to offset high tuition costs Getting kids off to that first year of university or college is a big move in more ways than one. It’s exciting and stressful and emotional – and that’s just for the parents! As the universities like to remind...

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