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Creating an income stream when your RRSP matures

Three basic RRSP maturity options Unlike a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA), a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) does not last forever. In fact, it has a specific date by which you must collapse the plan and choose one of three main options for what to do...


When to trigger your retirement income streams

Making the pension decision is not so cut-and-dried The big question most retirees ask is whether they’ll outlive their money. As you age, healthcare costs rise, and the question of long-term care can become a problem. Will you be able to afford to stay in your...


Where will your retirement income come from?

Start planning now so you don’t outlive your nest egg The retirement planning conundrum never seems to change. It just gets more complicated. Ensuring sufficient income for retirement is now on the radar for every so-called Gen-Xer, and increasingly for Millennials...


Year-end personal planning tips

Time’s running out for these 4 financial strategies It’s already getting rather late in the year to set up financial strategies that will have a tax-saving or other impact for 2015. However, there are a number of items you can attend to before the year is out,...


The retirement income solution

How to make your nestegg last through retirement How much should I withdraw every year from my investment portfolio so it will last through my retirement? This is a problem all Baby Boomers are wrestling with. Many high net-worth investors wish to maintain a...


When to turn on your retirement income stream

There’s more to it than just dipping into your savings accounts Q – My husband and I are both 45 and set to retire in 15 years. We have the majority of our money invested in mutual funds divided between RRSPs and cash accounts. We are looking to do some planning...


Teed off with ‘T-series’ funds

There are better ways to generate retirement income “T series” mutual funds, so named because they are supposedly “tax efficient,” have become a popular type of mutual fund for investors seeking a steady, high annual cash payout. The payout rate is given in the...


Creating a retirement income stream to 100

Annuities are just one tool in your arsenal One of the first questions many of my high net worth clients ask me is whether they’ll outlive their money. Now, if someone comes to you with $500,000 to $1 million to manage, you’d think they’d be feeling pretty...

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