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Get credit where it’s due (deductions too)

June 1 tax-filing deadline With all the stress of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, you might have taken advantage of the one-month extension of the tax-filing deadline to June 1. Payment of any tax owing has been extended to Sept. 1, but you must still file a return...


Be sure to claim all your credits and deductions

Don’t leave money on the table Are you taking all the tax deductions and tax credits you’re entitled to? If you’re a do-it-yourself-type, you may be missing out on some lucrative tax savings because you’re not claiming everything you should, even if you’re using...


Investment expenses you can deduct

Sorry, it’s a short list Tax-filing season is upon us, and at this time of the year I get many questions about the kinds of expenses that investors can deduct. Novice investors, especially, have a kind of starry-eyed idea about deducting everything from their...


Oops! The CRA wants more – now what do you do?

You can fight with a Notice of Objection Taxpayers start getting tax refunds from the Canada Revenue Agency in April and May. That may be a cause for celebration. But if you get a Notice of Re-assessment, it can contain a nasty surprise, complete with demands for...


Don’t overlook these deductions and credits!

They could help cut your tax bill Tax-filing season is here, and the deadline for filing your tax return is April 30. There are in fact some 94 personal tax deductions and credits available. Not all apply to everyone. And many are often overlooked, even if they do...


Investment expenses: deductible or not?

Here’s what you can deduct…and what you can’t Investors have recently been getting more information from their advisors about the fees and charges they pay. This is likely because of new rules imposed on the financial services industry by securities regulators....


Last-minute tax credits and deductions to remember

Lucrative, but often overlooked, tax breaks There are in fact some 70 personal tax deductions and credits available. Not all apply to everyone. And many are often overlooked, even if they do apply. Note that a “tax deduction” reduces your taxable income for the...


Why you need to file your tax return by May 5

Being frazzled, forgetful, and chronically chaotic is no excuse Sure, the government has given us an extra five days, until May 5, to procrastinate on filing our tax returns. That’s because their computer system was hacked (this is the Canadian government,...


Give yourself some credit

And some tax deductions too! Yes, I know, no one wants to think about taxes. But tax-filing deadline is April 30, and now is a great time to make sure you’re taking advantage of every single tax break you can get. Besides the exemption for the basic personal amount...

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