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Quick tips to remedy seasonal spending disorder

How to put your money on a leash A kind of money madness seizes people at this time of year. The expectation of ever-larger-better-bigger-pricier gifts is aided and abetted by retailers offering deals, promotions, and sales on all manner of shiny baubles and...


The seven sins of financial planning

How to stay on the virtuous path At this time of the year, when Black Friday madness looms, and financial responsibility seems to evaporate for many people, it’s helpful to revisit what I consider to be the most common financial and planning errors most people...


Budgeting for wealth

Little changes can make a big difference As this is Financial Literacy month, and the theme is “Take Charge of Your Finances!”, I want to talk about the very foundation of financial literacy, the building block of successful financial management: the budget. I can...


Planning for baby

A little financial know-how goes a long way With a new baby on the way, parents-to-be often find the transition from a free-and-easy twosome to responsible threesome something of a challenge, especially when it comes to personal finances. Luckily, there are some...


How to overcome the post-holiday credit card blues

5 tips for putting credit cards on a leash Starting with Black Friday in November and ending with Boxing Day in December, the holiday spending season is just about guaranteed to stretch the use of your credit cards. And come the end of January, you may be singing...


Black Friday binge, Red Monday remorse

Financial literacy and the art of budgeting Black Friday. It’s become a pop culture phenomenon. In fact, it’s one of the cleverest marketing gimmicks of all time. For U.S. retailers, the Friday after U.S. Thanksgiving Day has typically been the day they become...


Baby talk

Cribs, diapers, toys, financial plan Congratulations! You have a baby on the way or already at home. First-time parents are typically excited, flustered, nervous, and distracted – all at once. And usually, money matters are the last thing on their minds. But...


4 quick fixes to get your spending under control

How to resist the urge to splurge Do you spend every single last dime of what you make – and then some? Don’t know? You’re not alone. In these days of easy credit, it’s all too easy to blur that line between your income and your expenses. This becomes a real...

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