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Financial advice: Are you getting value for money?

What to look for in an advisor The wealth advisory landscape has changed over the past few years. Registered advisors need to be a lot more transparent about the fees and services they offer. By the same token, wealth management clients’ attention has become more...


The right financial advice doesn’t cost, it pays

Choosing the best financial advisory team Once you’re established in your profession or career, and you’re accumulating a sizeable nest-egg, getting financial advice from your second cousin or the bank teller just won’t do. You need to get some professional money...


How to assemble a financial advisory team

Professionals bring unique skills to the table It seems like there are “financial advisors” around every corner. Trouble is, they all seem to offer different services and have different qualifications. And they all charge different fees. Do you really need a lawyer...


How to tell if your advisor is delivering value

Five key questions to ask Horizons ETF Management, a leading Canadian provider of exchange-traded funds, recently announce that it will be cancelling the Advisor-class units (that is, units that pay a fee to advisors who recommend them) on its Canadian-listed...


Build a winning relationship with your advisor

What all financial advisors should deliver When our financial affairs achieve a critical mass, we’re often advised to “talk to a financial planner” or “consult a financial advisor.” But what we’re not told is what to expect when establishing a relationship with...


How to get Goldilocks financial advice

Not too much, not too little, but just right When it comes to financial advice, many people suffer from Gordon Ramsay syndrome. That’s my term for those who have far too many financial cooks in the kitchen, and who end up listening to the one who shouts the...


The great big financial advisor talent search

5 questions you should ask yourself about your advisor Finding a financial advisor can be like choosing a flavor from the 56 listed at your local ice cream store. They all sound good, but some are better than others. To help you narrow down your search, here are...


Finding the right financial advisor

How to spot the signs and signals that make the perfect match Q. Hi, I’m in search of a new financial advisor to help me with some short-term and longer term planning. I make good money and also have stock options with my company. I want to know how to reduce the...

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