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Retirement planning during the pandemic

Robyn Thompson is featured in BNN’s “The Open” with host John Erlichman, discussing how retirement planning is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and what retirees (and those ready to retire) can do to protect their nest-egg and secure their income streams into the...


Safety last

Why the urgent need for “safety” can lead investors astray These days, we’re reading a lot about the “flight to safety” in markets and investments. It’s understandable, of course, as the COVID-19 virus pandemic spreads fear and panic through global financial...


How to overcome the market fear factor

Stock market rout not the time for wholesale portfolio changes The rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus (also known as the coronavirus), has hit global markets hard over the past few weeks as investors worry about the impact of the spreading contagion on global trade...


Four investing mistakes to avoid in 2019

Novices especially prone to classic investment pitfalls Markets go through periods of volatility, and we are in one such period now. Market sentiment has been decidedly sour for the past few weeks. The Dow Jones Industrial Average recently sank into correction...


How to tell if your portfolio is really performing

Make sure you’re using the right investment benchmark If you have an investment portfolio, you’ve probably seen statements from your advisor or broker showing how your portfolio has performed over the past month, quarter, and year. I’ve frequently been asked why...

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