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Portfolio strategy in falling markets

Sell in haste, repent at leisure The big stock market indexes have been on a steep slide since the beginning of the year. Anyone with a passive, “buy-and-hold” type of equity portfolio will know the discomfort this can cause as each day brings another shrinkage in...


Alternatives to ‘high yield’ savings accounts

No need to settle for nothing You may as well face facts: You can’t “save” a million dollars. A recent survey of the market showed that the highest rate paid in a standard, plain-vanilla high interest deposit savings account (the kind that most banks and large...


Money talk tips for couples

Important to be open and honest about financial matters Couples in a serious romantic relationship really don’t want to talk about money. And it’s probably not quite the suitable topic when you’re dating early in a relationship. But when things get more serious,...


Back to the (investing) basics

Revisit basic principles in volatile times New investors who began trading on their online brokerage platforms last year when stock indexes were soaring to record highs could be forgiven for wondering what happened. The New Year has not been particularly kind to...


Busting the sell-in-May stock market myth

Investing by stock market lore could be a money-losing strategy “Sell in May, go away, and don’t come back ’til Labour Day” is one of those bits of market lore that’s trotted out from time to time. Other instances of such supposed deep wisdom include, “Never try to...


The hard lessons of market risk

Get a fix on your true level of risk tolerance Until very recently, things had been looking up in the U.S. The Labor Department reported that the U.S. unemployment rate dropped to 11.1% in June, as millions of Americans began returning to work. That helped lift...


Post-pandemic portfolio planning

Rebalancing for recovery The March market meltdown, bond market gyrations, repricing of assets, and the flight to safety over the past couple of months has thrown many portfolios into disarray, particularly those of the do-it-yourself variety. The turmoil is likely...


Outsmarting the COVID-19 financial panic

Robyn Thompson is featured in CTV’s “Your Morning” with Anne-Marie Mediwake, discussing how to handle your investments and personal finances in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic scare. With stock markets now into bear market territory, a global recession looming,...


Dealing with market scares

Resist the urge to “do something” Unless you’ve been away on vacation in a secluded place, you’ll know that stock markets sank alarmingly earlier this month as the U.S. Treasury bond yield curve “inverted” – that is, the yield on short-term bonds climbed above the...


The role of a financial advisor

Differentiating from robots and algorithms In this era of robo-advisors and artificial intelligence, it’s easy to believe that the expert, professional flesh-and-blood financial advisor has gone the way of the horse and buggy. It’s even easier to believe if you buy...


Don’t panic! But do review your portfolio

Some annual housekeeping to keep allocations on track Concerns about the health of the global economy, the effects of the U.S.-China trade and tariff dispute, rising interest rates, and the flattening yield curve combined to make the stock market slump of the...


The right financial advice doesn’t cost, it pays

Choosing the best financial advisory team Once you’re established in your profession or career, and you’re accumulating a sizeable nest-egg, getting financial advice from your second cousin or the bank teller just won’t do. You need to get some professional money...

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