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Elements of teaching kids about money

First steps to financial literacy We are becoming an increasingly cashless society. And where we once taught our kids about money by “saving their pennies” in a piggybank, pennies have disappeared. Eventually, so will nickels, and possibly dimes. As society...


Elements of life insurance

First steps to financial literacy Life insurance and related products come in many different variations. These include life insurance policies, segregated funds, and annuities. Sometimes, it seems, there are too many variations, most of them confusing and seemingly...


Elements of budgeting

First steps to financial literacy For most people, “budget” is the ultimate financial six-character four-letter word. It’s viewed as a distasteful chore, and something to be avoided. And often, even if an attempt at budgeting is made, it’s soon set aside as...


Three key investing tips every woman should know

Financial security starts with financial literacy According to a CIBC study in 2019, Canadian women control $2.2 trillion of assets. But that will almost double to $4 trillion by 2028 and could be a lot more if real estate is included. While that wealth is...


Robyn Thompson a finalist for WP Award

Robyn Thompson, CFP, Founder of Castlemark Wealth Management, has been selected as a finalist for the IFSE Institute Award for Financial Literacy Champion. The Award is given annually by Wealth Professional magazine to recognize a top financial professional who has...


Elements of investing

First steps to financial literacy With the Covid-19 pandemic more people are spending more time at home. This has also led many people to try a little do-it-yourself investing. After, all opening an investment account is relatively easy, and almost every financial...


Elements of financial planning

First steps to financial literacy This is a challenging time for building your wealth and saving for retirement. A newly released survey by FP Canada found that Canadians between age 45 and 54 are struggling the most during the Covid-19 pandemic. Over a third in...


Junior achievement: Teaching financial literacy

More important than ever in a digital world As society transitions increasingly to cashless transactions, using smartphones and online channels to pay for goods and services, parents have a bigger challenge than ever in teaching children the basics of financial...


Secrets of a financial planner

Good planning relieves stress, promotes overall well-being This is a challenging time for building your wealth and saving for retirement. A new study conducted by Leger Research for the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) noted that money is the number-one...

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