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The Women’s Collection – Financial Literacy Designed for Women

by | Jun 8, 2021 | OTHER

I’m pleased to announce my association with The Women’s Collection, a new online resource designed to deliver a female-focused, comprehensive financial literacy and investment program to empower and engage women who want financial freedom and independence. The program will help women gain and act on the knowledge they need to define and realize their personal and familial goals. The Women’s Collection aspires to become a trusted partner to and advocate for women who are looking to identify and act on the inherent power they possess.

View my listing in the Professional’s Directory For Her, a collection of Professionals that The Women’s Collection is pleased to endorse as Professionals they feel are best suited to support, service and advise women with their finances, wealth management, insurance and estate planning needs, among other key support services required to maintain financial wellness.

~ Robyn Thompson

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