Navigating a pandemic divorce

Financial planning for divorce during lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns have added to the stress of couples undergoing separation or divorce. And with court services limited to very urgent cases involving custody of children, options for settlement proceedings are limited. Divorce proceedings are already often contentious, emotionally fraught, and never easy. The lockdown over the past few months has made it even more difficult to settle on a fair division of financial assets, and newer cases are being delayed or deferred until the lockdown ends and courts can begin to clear the divorce case backlog.


Planning for the single life

Robyn Thompson is featured on CHCH TV’s “Morning Live” with six key financial planning essentials for women who are going through a divorce.

How to protect your assets during a divorce

Accurate record-keeping is essential

Divorce proceedings are often contentious, emotionally fraught, and never easy. That’s why when going through a divorce, it’s absolutely critical to keep a cool head about your finances and property. Unfortunately, it’s here that there tends to be the most dispute. But that needn’t be the case if you have all your records in order and can show what’s yours personally and what is legally jointly held property. There are three key principles to follow. READ MORE

Post-divorce financial planning

Four key areas to focus on to make the settlement last

Once a divorce settlement is finalized, the next step is to make that settlement last. But how? What are the next steps in financial planning? Should you keep the same financial advisors and investment professionals as your ex? What are the key areas to focus on? READ MORE

Marriage on the rocks: strategies for the newly single

Tips for post-divorce financial planning

The stress of a divorce, with its hearings over settlements and custody arrangements if there are children involved, can quickly eclipse any thoughts of financial planning for yourself. But it’s something you shouldn’t ignore, because you definitely have to deal with “what comes after.” Working with a number of such clients over the years, I’ve developed a set of basic principles to help those who find themselves in this challenging situation cope with the financial stress. And to ensure much-needed stability now and into the future. READ MORE

Breaking up is hard to do

…but don’t let a divorce put you in the poorhouse

It’s an unfortunate fact that large numbers of first marriages end in divorce, with subsequent financial difficulties for both partners. What can couples do to avoid the financial stresses in the event of a divorce or breakup? Here are a few tips. READ MORE

First steps to post-divorce financial planning

Regaining financial independence is as easy as 1-2-3

Although it may not feel like it while it’s happening, you can achieve financial empowerment after a divorce. But you will need to take charge of your personal finances, even if you haven’t been accustomed to doing so in the past. This can be a minefield, with everyone giving advice, much of it contradictory or incomprehensible. So step back from all the noise, and follow a few basic financial planning techniques. READ MORE

Yes, you can survive divorce and prosper!

How the newly-single woman can stay financially fit

Q – I am going through a divorce, and I know I need to take charge of my financial future. But I have no idea where to start. Can you help? – Marcia L., Winnipeg, Manitoba

A – First of all, don’t fret! As a newly-single, post-divorce woman, you can achieve financial empowerment! After a divorce, your life will be different. First, you will need to deal with the emotional roller coaster. Then you will need to take charge of your personal finances – to ensure much-needed stability now and into the future. I know this can be a real minefield, with everyone giving advice, from lawyers to mothers, much of it confusing, contradictory, and emotionally charged. Time for a time-out! READ MORE