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Navigating a pandemic divorce

Financial planning for divorce during lockdown The COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns have added to the stress of couples undergoing separation or divorce. And with court services limited to very urgent cases involving custody of children, options for settlement...


How to protect your assets during a divorce

Accurate record-keeping is essential Divorce proceedings are often contentious, emotionally fraught, and never easy. That’s why when going through a divorce, it’s absolutely critical to keep a cool head about your finances and property. Unfortunately, it’s here...


Post-divorce financial planning

Four key areas to focus on to make the settlement last Once a divorce settlement is finalized, the next step is to make that settlement last. But how? What are the next steps in financial planning? Should you keep the same financial advisors and investment...


Breaking up is hard to do

…but don’t let a divorce put you in the poorhouse It’s an unfortunate fact that large numbers of first marriages end in divorce, with subsequent financial difficulties for both partners. What can couples do to avoid the financial stresses in the event of a divorce...


First steps to post-divorce financial planning

Regaining financial independence is as easy as 1-2-3 Although it may not feel like it while it’s happening, you can achieve financial empowerment after a divorce. But you will need to take charge of your personal finances, even if you haven’t been accustomed to...


Yes, you can survive divorce and prosper!

How the newly-single woman can stay financially fit Q – I am going through a divorce, and I know I need to take charge of my financial future. But I have no idea where to start. Can you help? – Marcia L., Winnipeg, Manitoba A – First of all, don’t fret! As a...

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